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15 Sep

I thought this is interesting. check it out!


I’ve been at IDF (Intel Developers Forum) in San Francisco for the past two days.  Somehow, my picture showed up on the front page of the business section of the San Jose Mercury News.  Quite a surprise to me, as I had to leave my house early and my copy of the Merc was sitting on my doorstep.  My friend Kevin Susco emailed it to me while I was at the show.

Interestingly, below me is a photo of Intel CEO Paul Otellini.  The photo of me is bigger and I’m at the top of the page, so apparently I’m more important.  🙂  You can measure importance by the rapid growth of my blog… it started as a blog about cycling, then I added food with the article on Pizzoccheri, and now I’m covering technology.

So, the article was about Intel’s new “UltraBook” laptops.  Here is Intel CEO Paul Otellini announcing…

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