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Interesting Muslim inventions that shaped the world

2 Jul


The Sack of Imperial Bank

13 Feb

The first time Abdulmalek JanMohammed ever robbed Imperial Bank he had a gun to his head. Three short years later, he became the robber, carrying out a heist so elaborate its web is still being untangled, five months after his death.

Source: The Sack of Imperial Bank


24 May

Wow, i couldn’t put it better!

Mark Maish


I’m seated on a wooden bench under a makuti shed located at a vantage point deep in the heart of a national reserve watching a herd of elephants grazing peaceful below, oblivious of the chaotic world out there. A fortnight ago I handed in my final year project which marked the end of a 5-year pursuit for my Undergrads. Faced with the biggest dilemma of my life, I traveled down to this remote camping site in south coast to strategize on my next step. The decision I’m about to make is to either take the job offered or turn it down and instead follow my passion which is unconventional.

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Vote Now: Who Should Be on the 2015 TIME 100?

28 Mar


[pinnion-poll src=”″ width=”838″ height=”400″ title=”TIME 100″]

While TIME’s editors will choose the TIME 100 — our annual list of the most influential people in the world — we want readers to have a say too. Cast your vote here for the people who you think have changed the world this past year, for better or worse.

Ready to cast your vote? Comment on any TIME Facebook post that includes #TIME100, tweet your vote using #TIME100 or head over to’s TIME 100 voting hub, where Pinnion’s technology is recording, visualizing and analyzing results as they are received. Votes from Twitter, Facebook and’s voting hub are pooled together to create the totals displayed on the site.

Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on April 10, and the winner of our reader poll will be announced April 13. This year’s official TIME 100 list will be announced April 16.

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If your girl reasons like Caroline Mutoko you might want to keep her!

3 Feb

…a good old one, my gaffer likes it

6 May

Boss says to secretary: For a
week, we will go abroad, so make
Secretary makes a call 2 her
Husband: For a week my boss and
I will be going abroad, so look after yourself.
Husband makes call to secret
lover: My wife is going abroad for
a week, so let’s spend the week
Secret lover makes a call to a little boy whom she is giving private
lessons: I have to work for a
week, so you need not come for
Little boy makes call to his
grandfather: Grandpa, for a week, I don’t have classes ‘coz my
teacher is busy. Let’s spend the
week together.
Grandpa ( d boss ) makes a call to
his Secretary: This week I am
spending time with my grandson. We can’t attend the meeting any
Secretary makes a call to her
husband: My boss has some
personal matters to attend to, so
our trip is cancelled. Husband makes a call to secret
lover: We cannot spend this week
together; my wife has cancelled
her trip.
Secret lover makes a call to little
boy whom she is giving private lessons: This week we will have
classes as usual.
Little boy makes a call to his
grandfather: Grandpa, my teacher
said this week I have to attend
class. Sorry I can’t keep you company.
Grandpa makes a call to his
secretary: Don’t worry, this weekd
we will attend that meeting, so
make arrangements.

15 Sep
15 Sep

Concert Life Toronto

Alesana has posted a new song titled “A Gilded Masquerade”

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15 Sep

Global Civilians For Peace In Libya

By Tim Whewell

BBC Newsnight

Leaders of one of Libya’s largest and most powerful tribes have told BBC Newsnight that they will take their own revenge on the killers of the rebel commander, General Abdel Fattah Younes, if the country’s new rulers fail to solve the case.

Elders of Younes’ Obeidi tribe said senior officials in the National Transitional Council (NTC) conspired with Islamic extremists to kill the general, whose mutilated body was found along with those of two senior aides in a valley near the rebel-held city of Benghazi on 28 July 2011.

Several of his fingers had been cut off, one eye gouged out, his stomach cut open and his body burned.

The day before his body was found, Younes – the most senior defector to the rebels from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s government – had been arrested on NTC orders, apparently over suspicions that he was failing to…

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15 Sep


YouTube has unveiled a set of editing features for the site, which allow users to tweak their videos and add a number of effects.

In a move that makes total sense – and something that should have been implemented a long time ago – users will now be able to trim their clips on the site, as well as stabilise shaky footage, boost the colours and contrast and even give the video a whole new look.

The new features mean that we finally see the fruits of YouTube’s acquisition of image-editing company Green Parrot, back in March.

YouTube has made it really easy to edit your footage. All you have to do is head to My Videos page and clock on the Edit Video button.

In a nice little nod to owners Google, YouTube has added a one-click colour correction system button, which it has branded I’m Feeling Lucky.


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