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3 Feb

hello pals!

15 Sep

I am a Kenyan living in Istanbul, Turkey for my University education. Well its a beautiful city here. The city of love. Locals as hospitable as ever. If you know me well then that just means one thing… fun! and don’t I just love this whole experience thing! To make it tick am outgoing so friends just come naturally, if you know what I mean. But that’s besides the point. digressing (mmmh already! and we have not even started!) But don’t get me wrong, I know fun is relative…

Mates ima be using this spot to post some sense. Some fun and sports too, football especially cause its in my bloody head always. I got something special too for the Kenyan youth, my peers. Friends from all over the world too. Guys ima be feeding you on sense and sense alone! Am no Charles Dickens and aint gonna crap about facts or teach you anything but I will offer you what I got, however small. In my own small way!

About me pals. well am young, 20yrs. That could well be old if you just crawled into life after winning that all-important sperm race. Am from a humble background, simple and determined.

Young yes but I have already gone through so much in life. Big challenges those were. Yet am still far from being there. I thank God for the positive attitude and the big heart. For the flexible and expansive mind too. These have been my greatest pillars. I draw confidence from being loved and loving back. I see people as PEOPLE, lovely people. Different in colours and stature yes but still as beautiful, just like the flowers.

I would do anything to remove the word ‘hate’ from every language in the world. I would feed everyone with peace and let them shower with love. If I had the power. but I don’t.That’s me. Am only human!

Welcome to my blog beautiful people. Lets feed on … sense!